In the know: Where to get proper education on motorcycle riding


There’s more to riding a motorcycle than maintaining your balance while sitting on a stool with two wheels. That said, those who take it seriously — for their own and for others’ safety — learn riding from the pros.


  • What are some of the institutions where one can learn to ride a motorcycle?

    Some of the legitimate places that can properly teach you how to ride a motorbike include driving schools, the Honda Safety Driving Center, and Mel Aquino’s Yamaha Off-Road Training Camp.
  • What are the benefits of learning from these schools?

    These schools provide you proper training and education, allowing you to be a better road user when riding a motorcycle.
  • Today, we’re taking a look at where one can get proper education on motorcycle riding here in the Philippines.

    1. Driving schools

    Yep, as long as it has anything to do with driving, you can rely on your good old driving schools.


    One example is A-1 Driving. According to the company’s website, those looking to learn how to ride a motorbike can learn “how to navigate the city roads safely.” Available models one can choose from include the Yamaha YTX, Yamaha Mio, Honda Beat, and Honda Click.

    A-1 branches that offer such services are its Mandaluyong, Quezon City, and Las Piñas centers.

    2. Honda Safety Driving Center

    There’s no better way to learn how to ride a motorcycle than from the company that makes them.


    At the Honda Safety Driving Center, students can choose from various courses including their “Beginners” course, designed for novices with no riding experience and “Refresher Course” which is for people with previous riding experience. The Honda Safety Driving Center also offers seminars on road safety, completing the company’s holistic training services.

    Honda’s training facility is located at San Martin de Porres, Parañaque, Metro Manila.

    3. Mel Aquino’s Yamaha Off-Road Training Camp

    This school is for people who want to learn how to properly ride a dirt bike.


    Mel Aquino, a rather famous fixture in the local motocross scene, leads this training camp where he and his team teach various courses from basic riding lessons to more advanced riding sessions — even how to do wheelies and stunt riding.

    4. YouNiversity.

    That’s right, in this day and age, you can look up everything on the internet, especially on YouTube. There are tons of riding channels in the video streaming platform that you can view all while in the comfort of your home.

    The abovementioned list covers only just a few of the places where you can learn how to properly drive a motorcycle. That said we might have missed out on a few, so let us know in the comments section of this article.

    To stay in the know of all things motorcycle, keep it here in Carmudi Philippines.

    Photos from A-1 Driving, Honda Safety Driving Center, and Mel Aquino's Yamaha Off-Road Training Camp

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