Jaguar Land Rover Creates Vintage-Looking Infotainment System for Jaguar and Land Rover

It's "blast-from-the-past meets high-technology." Yes, Jaguar Land Rover has created something cool that classic car lovers will surely love: a classic-looking "radio" infotainment system.

These new range of classic infotainment systems has modern navigation, audio, and infotainment features that can be fitted to classic cars to help them blend in and give them a more vintage look.

Available in five designs including two Jaguar and two Land Rover-branded units, the Classic Infotainment System is compatible with negative earth vehicles. It includes DAB, FM, AM radio, customizable satellite navigation, and Bluetooth. It offers premium sound quality from a single DIN head unit with built-in 4 x 45-watt output.

It’s controlled by a 3.5-inch high resolution touchscreen with traditional buttons and rotary controls, its route guidance can be presented either in 2D or 3D maps or even turn-arrow instructions. What’s more, it even has traffic alert features that will alert you to roads that are currently in bumper-to-bumper mode.

Other key features of the Classic Infotainment System include:

  • Telephone functionality: including phonebook transfer via Bluetooth, supports up to four devices, with 1,250 contacts per device

  • Internal microphone

  • System languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian; up to 32 languages available for navigation function

The Jaguar Land Rover Classic Infotainment System variants are available to purchase from September 7, 2018 at It's currently priced at GBP1,200 (over PHP83,300). There are fitting services offered at Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works in Warwickshire as well as select Authorized Jaguar and Land Rover Retailers.

Jaguar Land Rover Classic is the official source of authentic cars, expert services, genuine parts and unforgettable experiences for classic Jaguar and Land Rover enthusiasts worldwide.

Jaguar Land Rover Classic Infotainment System

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