LTO, MMDA ink data interconnectivity agreement

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The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and the Land Transportation Office (LTO) are set to interconnect their data systems that will allow them to work on their respective law enforcement functions more effectively.


  • What is the purpose of interconnecting the database of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority and the Land Transportation Office?

    The interconnected data allow the two agencies to tap on relevant information pertaining to motorists and vehicles that are involved in violations.
  • Who signed the memorandum of agreement between the two parties?

    MMDA Chairman Romando Artes and LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante signed a memorandum of agreement that establishes the LTO-MMDA System Interconnectivity Project.
  • MMDA Chairman Romando Artes and LTO Chief Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) establishing the LTO-MMDA System Interconnectivity Project, wherein the two can tap into each other’s data platforms and share information to each other that involve motorists and vehicles with traffic violations and apprehensions.

    In a statement, the MMDA explained that the agreement will also help identify drivers and vehicles involved in multiple violations and traffic incidents.

    Artes said that the accord will make the agency’s traffic enforcement and apprehension systems more efficient, with real-time access to relevant LTO records within the LTMS.

    LTO-MMDA System Interconnectivity Project

    Aside from driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations, and vehicle safety inspection records, the LTMS is now interconnected to allied parties like vehicle sellers, insurance companies and government agencies like the Government Service Insurance System and Bureau of Customs.

    “This will allow the MMDA to more swiftly determine the ownership and address of vehicle owners caught by its non-contact apprehension system (NCAP), so the parties involved can be informed and their violations settled,” Artes noted.

    The new partnership will also enhance NCAP via email/text message notification, which will serve as advance notification to the traffic violators. However, they will still receive a printed copy of the notice for the complete details of the apprehension.  

     The MMDA NCAP is a policy that utilizes CCTV, digital cameras and other gadgets or technology to capture videos and images to apprehend vehicles violating traffic rules and regulations.

    LTO-MMDA System Interconnectivity Project

    “With this agreement, we can quickly pinpoint drivers committing multiple traffic violations resulting in the suspension of their licenses and their mandatory training on road safety and traffic rules. Drivers with violations will also be prevented from receiving the new ten-year licenses that are now being granted by the LTO,” Galvante said.

    The LTO will be furnished with the MMDA’s data on traffic apprehensions, violations, and vehicle alarms which will be logged onto the records of drivers and vehicles enrolled in the LTMS.

    Moreover, the MMDA has committed to furnish the LTO with such pertinent data starting from 2016.  It will also be providing the LTO new records of violations, apprehensions and alarms on a daily basis.

    Furthermore, both agencies will also give data on alarms for motor vehicles involved in traffic violations or incidents, so parties can be informed of their violations or apprehended.

    Photos from Ruben D. Manahan IV, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority

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