Maximize Mar. with this zero cash out promo from Maxus


For the month of March, Maxus PH is offering a zero cash-out promo for those eyeing a Maxus vehicle. Through its participating partner bank, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), interested customers can drive home any of the select models without having to pay anything at the dealership.


  • What is the partner bank of Maxus for its promo?

    The Maxus partner bank is the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI).
  • What models are included in the promo?

    Included are the V80 MT Flex, T60, G50 MPV, D60, and D90.
  • Those who opt to take advantage of this zero cash-out promo will be asked to execute a “hold-out agreement” for a duration of 24 months.


    The V80 MT Flex van priced at P1,040,000 for P25,980 a month is available with a hold-out amount of P208,000. Similarly, the T60 pickup truck can be had through the said promo priced at P998,000 for P24,931 a month with a minimum hold-out amount of P199,600.


    The G50 MPV is also included, priced at P948,000 for P23,682 a month, with a minimum hold-out fee of P189,600. The D60 and the D90 SUVs are also part of the promo with the former priced at P1,136,000 for P28,378 a month and a hold-out amount of P227,200. The latter is priced at P1,818,000 for P45,414 a month with a hold-out fee of P363,600.

    Customers who will get the zero cash out promo this month will also enjoy the benefit of earning interest on their hold-out deposit. If they wish to terminate or withdraw, they may do so after the 24th-month payment, provided that their auto loan account is updated and not in past due status.

    The zero cash-out promo runs from March 1 to 31, 2022.

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