The Maxus T60 helps to realize this budding farmer’s full potential

Maxus T60 owner Arcie sumayao

Manila-based entrepreneur Arcie Sumayao converted one of the family's properties in Cavite into farmland to pursue his lifelong dream of managing a farm. As he worked to make his dream a reality, he realized he needed to get a dependable workhorse so that he could attend to all the farmland’s needs.  

Sumayao’s immediate choice was the Maxus T60 that he saw at the Quezon Avenue dealership. After visiting the dealership where he felt at home, Sumayao made a sound decision that it would be the pickup truck from the British-bred marque that he would be getting.  

“The treatment I received from the dealership from the first encounter up to the last made me feel I was already part of the family,” Sumayao recalled.

Maxus T60 owner Arcie sumayao

After the purchase, Sumayao expressed contentment with the Maxus T60. “I’m happy with my T60 because it has served as my companion, especially when it comes to transporting heavy materials that are needed to build the farm of my dreams.”

The pickup, the proud T60 owner claimed, continues to conquer the rough terrain leading to and from his farm. “The path there is a bit off-road and rocky, but the T60 rides perfectly on it,” he added.

Aside from being a cargo hauler in his farm, Sumayao said that the T60 is also a dependable people mover. “My son and his cousins love to ride in the back and just basically stroll around the farm,” he shared.

Sumayao commended the comfort that the Maxus T60 provides. “I like the legroom and the cruise control feature, especially when I am on the expressways so that I can set the speed at a constant 60 to 80kph.”

Maxus t60

Further, the acquisition of the Maxus T60, Sumayao noted, is a “true value-for-money purchase” with its versatility of being both a utility and a family vehicle. He explained that instead of getting two vehicles for two different purposes, he chose the one that could ably perform any role, “and then put that extra money in our farm instead.”

The Maxus T60 is brought in by the Ayala-backed AC Motors (the automotive distribution and retail group of AC Industrials) in the country via Maxus Philippines.

“I made the max out of everything I had, and now I and my family’s all the better for it,” Sumayao said.

Maxus Philippines urged customers to log on to and like and follow Maxus Philippines’ Facebook page and Instagram account at @maxusph for updates and ongoing promos.

Photos from Maxus Philippines

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