Mazda closes fiscal year with over 1.25-M vehicle deliveries


Mazda announced its consolidated financial and sales result for the fiscal year ending in March 31, 2022.


  • How many vehicles did Mazda sell, according to its fiscal year report?

    Based on the report, Mazda sold 1,251,000 units.
  • What were Mazda's strongest markets?

    Mazda's strongest markets based on the report are Europe and North America.
  • What are the markets where Mazda saw a decline in sales?

    Mazda saw a decline in sales in Japan and China.
  • According to the company’s report, vehicle sales totaled 1,251,000 units. This revealed the brand’s increased transactions in the European region by 7.2 percent where 163,000 units were sold. Mazda’s market share in the European market increased by 0.1 to 1.2 percent.

    Meanwhile, Mazda’s sales in the North American region increased by nine percent with a total sales volume of 439,000 units.

    However, the company saw a 16-percent drop in sales in its home market, Japan, where its total sales reached 149,000 units. In China, Mazda’s biggest market in Asia, the brand’s sales dropped by 26 percent as they were only able to make a total sale of 170,000 units.

    Nevertheless, Mazda’s sales performance brought in net sales of ¥3,120.3 billion, resulting in a positive full-year operating profit of ¥104.2 billion and net income of ¥81.6 billion.


    Mazda understands that the business remains uncertain due to issues such as the war in Ukraine, the semiconductor shortage, and rising raw material prices. Despite it all, the company aims to continue enhancing sales and achieving further volume growth by introducing the new CX-50 and CX-60 during the fiscal year ending in March 2023, forecasting global sales of 1,349,000 units.

    Markets that are expected to lead this fiscal year’s sales are North America, Japan, and Europe.

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