Mazda PH announces ‘special service campaign’ for all 1st-gen Mazda 3s


Mazda Philippines is currently offering a special service campaign for all first-gen Mazda 3 models sold in the country.

The Japanese carmaker has taken this initiative in relation to the steering wheel brand emblems that may become brittle over time and deteriorate. Replacing the steering wheel can prevent the brand emblem from breaking and becoming projectiles in the event of a driver-side airbag deployment.

Mazda’s local arm points out that the affected units were produced between 2004 to 2008 and were sold by the previous distributor of Mazda vehicles in the country.


Thankfully, no issues have been reported relating to this issue Mazda Philippines has nonetheless decided to proactively proceed with the campaign in the interest of the owners’ safety.

Owners of the said Mazda model can contact their nearest Mazda dealerships to sign up and be a part of this campaign. The list of participating branches can be found on Mazda’s website. The process will take only 45 minutes, said the automaker.

“Mazda Philippines is committed to ensuring the safety of Mazda owners by providing proactive service and safety campaigns,” said Mazda Philippines CEO and President Steven Tan.

“As soon as we received confirmation of the issue with the Mazda 3 units sold by the Mazda Japan, we set in motion the special service campaign process in cooperation with our dealerships. We believe the safety of Mazda owners is paramount and is essential as we ensure the proper and continued operation and service of their vehicles during these trying times,” he added.

Mazda Philippines will also offer a 50-percent discount on BK-series Mazda 3 parts in its current inventory.

“Due to the age of the BK-series Mazda 3, we believe providing easier access to maintenance and replacement parts will benefit our Mazda 3 owners and allow them to further enjoy reliable service from their vehicles,” concluded Tan.

Photos from Mazda

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