JDM Mazda 2 gets engine and equipment updates, adds ‘Sunlit Citrus’ variant


Mazda Motor Corporation recently announced product improvements for the Mazda 2 in Japan.


The compact car gets a new engine with an increased compression ratio improving fuel efficiency by 6.8 percent. As a result, Mazda 2 models in Japan fitted with the new engines will be subject to tax reduction under the 2030 fuel efficiency standards, says the carmaker.


In addition, the new engine model has improved the responsiveness and controllability of the vehicle to accelerator operation.

The control program for the high-compression gasoline engine adapts the technology cultivated in the development of e-Skyactiv X.

Mazda also added more modern amenities to the compact city car. New optional add-ons like wireless charging (Qi) and Apple CarPlay can be included in the Mazda 2’s standard equipment package.

All-wheel-drive (AWD) models will now also be fitted with a wiper de-icer.

The Japanese car brand also added a new platinum quartz metallic color available across all trim levels.

Speaking of which, a new “Sunlit Citrus” variant is added to the current Mazda 2 lineup for the Japanese market.

The Sunlit Citrus variant will feature an exclusive interior color found on the seat, dashboard, and door trims. An exclusive key shell and floor mat will also come in the same color as the new interior accents.


A 360-degree view monitor will also come as standard for the new variant.


Prices for the new Sunlit Citrus model range from ¥1,969,000 to ¥2,442,000.

Locally, the Mazda 2 is offered in two variants: the 1.5-liter AT Sedan Elite and the 1.5-liter AT Hatchback Elite with prices starting at P995,000.

Photos from Mazda

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