Mazda PH continues scholarship program with MFI Polytechnic Institute

Ramon Buan and some of the MFI students

Bermaz Auto Philippines Inc. (BAP) has continued its partnership with MFI Polytechnic Institute as the institution commences the screening process for this year’s latest batch of scholars under the BAP Mazda-MFI Automotive Technology two-year scholarship program.

Ten youths from underprivileged backgrounds will be chosen as scholars under the program, which is now running on its eighth year of providing free technical education, training, and opportunities.

In a statement, the local distributor of Mazda vehicles in the country said that the collaboration with MFI Polytechnic Institute Inc. “is proceeding to the 2021 Intake despite the automotive industry’s challenging state since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last year.”

A total of 260 scholars have been supported by the partnership since 2014, 230 of whom have already completed the Automotive Technology course utilizing the institute’s two-year Dual Training System. Mazda Philippines added that, to date, 40 students are currently enrolled in the course under the supervision and support of Mazda Philippines

“Majority of the scholars who have graduated from the course have found gainful employment not only within the Mazda Philippines dealership network, but also in the dealerships of various automotive brands. Mazda Philippines itself currently employs five graduates of the program throughout the company’s operations,” the company noted.

MFI Polytechnic Institute

Mazda Philippines Parts and Technical Manager Ramon Buan (who serves as the direct supervisor of the program for Mazda Philippines) highlighted the importance of education to the scholars.

"I am extremely proud of our Mazda scholars and I know they are doing well wherever they are now, because of the program… Despite the pandemic, which makes it reasonable for companies to reduce costs and expenses, Mazda Philippines chose to continue with the program without interruption,” Buan was quoted as saying.

“We truly believe that education is essential to break the cycle of poverty, which perfectly describes the background from where these students came from. And by continuing with this valuable partnership, we will also continue to transform the lives of many families,” he added.

Meanwhile, MFI Polytechnic Institute Placement Associate Eduardo Lendio expressed gratitude for BAP’s continuing support as they finalize the 10 students eligible for the scholarship for 2021.

“We are very grateful to Bermaz Auto Philippines, and proud to work in partnership with them in the 8th year of the program,” Lendio was quoted as saying. “We follow a stringent recruitment process to make sure we find the most deserving students from parents and families who are unable to support their children's higher education due to their financial background.”

Mazda Philippines

Mazda Philippines shared that during the first year of the BAP Mazda-MFI scholarship program, students are taught to develop communicative, vocational, occupational, and interpersonal skills as well as the fundamentals of four-stroke engine operation and maintenance.

These scholars also take advantage of the donations from Mazda Philippines’ donations of component parts such as engines, transmissions and mechanical assemblies to MFI Polytechnic Institute. Aside from that, program scholars also receive theoretical and actual presentations on the Skyactiv Technology innovations. In the second year of the program, students are then assigned to various Mazda Philippines dealerships to experience practical application and on-the-job Training. 

Currently, there are 16 Mazda 3S dealerships located around the country:

  • Mazda Greenhills,
  • Mazda Pasig,
  • Mazda Quezon Avenue,
  • Mazda Makati,
  • Mazda Alabang,
  • Mazda Sta. Rosa,
  • Mazda Pulilan,
  • Mazda Pampanga,
  • Mazda Dagupan,
  • Mazda Cabanatuan,
  • Mazda Tarlac,
  • Mazda Cebu,
  • Mazda Iloilo,
  • Mazda Negros,
  • Mazda Cagayan De Oro, and;
  • Mazda Davao.

Photos from Mazda Philippines

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