Meet Yagalet: Sports Car + Hover Craft in One

Talk about taking sports car to the next level here. Russian company Yagalet created an amphibious sports car that will make driving on water a breeze. And if they become successful at this venture, then they might expand to more ambitious projects like bigger vehicles--or even a house.


Flying Motorcyles

The Yagalet sports car originated in 2010 and was a concept borne from the use of flying motorcycles.  It later "evolved into a four-wheeled vehicle--a compact open Prototype 1.0," which over time, "turned in to full-size closed (with increasing stiffness and weight reduction) Prototype 2.0."

Solution to Traffic Problems?

According to, one reason why Yagalet wanted to create this sports car-hovercraft is because they wanted to ease traffic. Since it can hover on bodies of water, you can use alternative routes--even along waterways and canals--to bypass traffic congestion and ease traffic in main roads and highways.

What's more, operating the vehicle is easy, since you're just driving it like any normal car. This means you don't have any special license to drive it.

So far, the company hasn't released technical details on how the vehicle works, and is still a bit vague ever since it was reported at But generally, the powertrain comes equipped with a deployable "skirt" that makes the car "hover" on water, or even lakes, sand, and many other terrain. And since it's a sports car, then expect some speed mixed in as well.

Currently, it's still being  "conducted at the own expense of the developers and now is ready to consider proposals for external co-financing."

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