Mercedes-Benz, Superplastic reveal ‘Superdackel’

mercedes x superplastic

Mercedes-Benz, emerging entertainment brand Superplastic has presented their new creation at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas: Superdackel.


  • From what character was Superdackel based from?

    According to Mercedes-Benz, Superdackel is based from Wackeldackel, the classic “nodding dog” ornament.
  • Which Superplastic characters are included in Superdackel’s short film?

    Per Mercedes-Benz, the two Superplastic characters included in Superdackel’s short film is Janky and Guggimon.
  • Superdackel, according to Mercedes-Benz, is Superplastic’s take on a beloved cultural icon “Wackeldackel,” the classic “nodding dog” ornament that's graced the hearts and dashboards of generations of drivers around the globe.

    Per the German automotive brand, Superdackel is featured in an animated short filmwhich you can check out here — with Superplastic characters Janky and Guggimon.

    The plot: Janky and Guggimon “borrow” a Mercedes-Benz from a dealer showroom late one night when they discover Wackeldackel in the car as they take off. The three then embark on a joyride through the moonlit streets of New York City, where they encounter drama, car chases, and a magical space whale. Thanks to the influence of his new-found friends, the timid and staid Wackeldackel transforms into his new persona, Superdackel, as the night progresses.

    “Mercedes-Benz has reinvented and reinterpreted its brand and vehicles for a modern, digital era — so why shouldn't the iconic Wackeldackel receive an update, too? We warmly welcome Superdackel to the Mercedes Benz family,” said Mercedes-Benz Communications and Marketing Vice President Bettina Fetzer.

    In addition to Superdackel’s debut at CES 2023, BMW announced its partnership with Superplastic. The Stuttgart-based brand said that the collaboration is part of the company’s strategy to explore new realms in arts and entertainment and give customers memorable brand experiences.

    “We love forcing brands out of their protective shell. But Mercedes has been a fantastic collaborator, and this partnership has been very symbiotic. Janky, Guggimon, and other animated celebrities in the Superplastic universe get to cruise the world in the greatest luxury cars on earth while introducing the new-and-improved Superdackel to millions of their fans,” commented Superplastic Founder and Chief Executive Officer Paul Budnitz.

    Photo from Mercedes-Benz

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