Mercedes-Benz to plug AMG as electric, youthful brand


Mercedes-Benz recently launched a marketing campaign called "Are you AMG-ready?" for its tuning division.

The campaign announced AMG's shift to electric power — which isn't too surprising — and become a brand targeted to youngsters (which would be a shock).

The other target group are women, the German marque added. The tuning division's use of electric power in its cars will be under the "E Performance" label.

Mercedes-Benz said the campaign "introduces a new AMG brand identity and attitude," and "is designed to bind existing customers to the brand and conquer new target groups" while focusing on the "timeless AMG spirit."

In addition to numerous social media assets, the launch campaign included one 60-second video, and four 30-second ones, each telling an individual story.

The videos focus on four vehicles from AMG: the SLS AMG Electric Drive from the 2010's, the 300 E 5.6 AMG from the '80s, and two current vehicles in the form of the Mercedes-AMG G63 and AMG GT Black Series.

All these videos are described as "freedom-loving and rebellious." The situations in which protagonists and vehicles seen in the spots are "unusual and surprising."

In the SLS Electric Drive, a woman escapes from everyday life and seeks freedom in the desert. The SLS electric generates 740hp from its four electric motors. 

SLS Electric

The 300 E 5.6 serves as a sound machine, as the protagonist created a track from the car's V8 engine for a party. This sedan, known to be the first of its kind to reach 300kph, has 360hp.


The G63 creates an AMG wordmark on the ground by driving rapidly over puddles of paint. Based on the G Class SUV, the G63 generates 577hp from its twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine.


In the GT Black Series, a woman picks up her companion for a "speed" date. The seemingly timid man becomes more than surprised with his date's driving skills. The AMG GT also has a V8 and more than 700 horses


Mercedes-Benz added that the SLS Electric Drive stands for" technology, pioneering spirit, electrification and exclusivity." Meanwhile, sound is the specialty of the 300 E 5.6, which is also "an unmistakable ambassador for the brand's history and a coveted collector's item."

The G63 represents "strength," while the AMG GT Black Series embodies pure "power." The film ends with a glimpse into AMG's electrified future called Project One, and invites the viewer on the journey with the message: "This is our legacy, imagine our future. Are you AMG-ready?"

"The claim 'Are you AMG-ready?' sums up our transformation into a Performance Luxury brand," CEO of Mercedes-AMG Philipp Schiemer said.

"We are ready to redefine Driving Performance and open up our brand to new target groups. We combine the AMG spirit with the luxury of tomorrow's lifestyle and will thus further strengthen the fascination for the Mercedes-AMG brand," he added.

Mercedes-AMG has released the campaign here. Rankin Agency London was the agency responsible for the idea, concept, and implementation of the campaign, the tuning division said.

Photos from Mercedes-Benz

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