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Military Car + Extreme Utility Vehicle? Meet the Rezvani TANK Military SUV

Let’s be honest here: you don’t need this vehicle–except perhaps during World War 3, the zombie apocalypse, or an alien invasion. But then again, one look at Rezvani TANK Military SUV and you’ll soon find ways to need it even if you actually don’t. We can even hazard a guess that it’s the safest ride you’ll ever be in when you feel the urge to buy a can of beer at 7-Eleven or–heaven help the pedestrians–take your kids to school.

From Rezvani’s Facebook Page

If you’re having your mid-life crisis right now, then it’s the ultimate “toy” that you can actually play with without looking creepy and mentally unstable. If you’re young or old and mentally sound, then it’s still the ultimate “toy” for you. Whichever category you place in, you’ll get plus points for having class and coolness here.

Say ‘Hello’ to the Rezvani TANK Military SUV

The Rezvani TANK Military SUV is a USD300,000 armored version of its equally bad-ass and less trigger-happy brother, Rezvani Tank SUV.

From Rezvani’s Facebook Page

Created by SUV boutique car maker Rezvani Motors, the TANK Military has–if not more–features than a standard Humvee. This includes blinding lights, military-grade run-flat tires, bullet-proof windows, thermal night vision, gas masks, electric door handles, bomb protection, gas masks, siren, PA system, and even strobe lights (for post-apocalypse and after-war celebrations). Note that we’re giving you the basics here. You can view the other features here.

From Rezvani’s Facebook Page

The good news here is that its rugged exterior doesn’t match what’s inside. In fact, the TANK Military actually gives a decent car-driving experience. What’s more, the space is good–ten seats for ten survivors passengers. It’s enough to make you feel cozy and safe as the end of the world draws near.

From Rezvani’s Facebook Page
From Rezvani’s Facebook Page

Priced at USD295,000 or PHP 16 million, this SUV/Military Tank/Armored Car comes with a 6.4-liter, 500-horsepower V8 engine or an optional 6.2-liter, 707 hp V8 taken from the Dodge Hellcat. It has a very strong, reinforced suspension with extremely high ground clearance that comes well-prepared for Noah’s Flood Part 2. Still, we don’t think its 4,300 lbs. of armored weight will float on water, so don’t forget to bring an inflatable life boat with you–just in case.

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