Nissan launches ‘Daring’ Brand Campaign for Asia, Oceania

Nissan Dare the impossible

Nissan Asia and Oceania is warning those who are expecting a conventional marketing approach to not see their latest brand campaign.

The latest campaign, themed under "Dare the impossible", can now be viewed on their new brand websites for Australia, Thailand and Philippines. The said program is launched first in the aforementioned countries, together with Indonesia, and will continue across other markets.

Such measure would boost the strategy that Nissan in the Philippines launched earlier in the digital landscape, the first Nissan virtual showroom in the Asia and Oceania region. Nissan Philippines President and Managing Director Atsushi Najima said that the latest initiative is to show the brand’s efforts to meet the ever-changing demands of its customers.

The brand reveals its bolder digital-first direction, which has surpassed 93 million views for their first brand-led video in the region. 

Nisssan Dare the impossible

Nirmal Nair, Vice President of Marketing, Nissan Asia and Oceania, claimed that the latest campaign is far from the strategy that they have put into play.

“Do not expect the Nissan you think you know,” he said. “Today we have a new attitude, new look, new swag, new services, new cars. Brands need to be genuine to themselves. That’s why Nissan has taken this bold step. Daring to be different is in Nissan’s DNA. Our rich history of invention and ‘world-firsts’ defines our innovative present and, now, our promise of a bold future. This campaign is aligned to this direction.”

“We warn those who want traditional approaches to please not watch our new Nissan Brand campaign or they will be disappointed,” Nair added.

Described as a “disruptive” approach, Nissan Asia and Oceania’s Dare the Impossible campaign is a multi-platform strategy that targets to “excite prospects and drive them to the newly structured website, “where they can explore the real Nissan and its proven heritage of game-changing innovations, pioneering technology and its consumer relevance across the region.”

“Building a thriving brand is our top priority, backed by our strategy to be the innovative challenger – supported by electrifying one in four vehicles in Asia and Oceania under our mid-term plan,” Nair explained.

“This campaign aims to ignite the Nissan Brand in the region and paves the way for how Nissan will evolve in the region and our vision for the immediate future which will encompass marketing, sales, consumer touchpoints, dealer network, after sales and communications.  All coming campaigns will embody the same Nissan spirit of daring. We are proud to be boldly shaping an innovative and human-centric future for Nissan in Asia and Oceania,” he added.

The Nissan Nissan Asia and Oceania’s new brand direction video can be seen here.

Photo/s from Nissan in the Philippines

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