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Original OR/CR No Longer Necessary for Emissions Testing

On May 16, 2019, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and Department of Transportation (DOTr) issued a joint memorandum ordering all Private Emission Testing Centers (PETCs), IT Service Providers, and LTO Regional Directors to require motor vehicle owners to bring the original copy of their vehicle’s official receipt (OR) and certificate of registration (CR), along with a certificate of authorization to use temporary number plates–otherwise known as the ‘certificate of no plate’–when taking their vehicles for emissions testing prior to the renewal of their registration.

However, the memorandum was met with significant backlash online, with many complaining that a copy of their OR/CR should be enough, and that the ‘certificate of no plate’ requirement adds unnecessary burden to motor vehicle owners, as it has never been required before.

Caving in to public pressure, both agencies retracted their memorandum and issued a new one dated May 24, 2019, stating that they are doing away with the original OR/CR requirement, and will allow motorists to simply bring a copy of their OR/CR instead.

However, there was no mention of the ‘certificate of no plate,’ so whether it stays as a requirement or not remains unclear.

“This is in relation to the Memorandum dated 16 May 2019, relative to the conduct of emission test of vehicles WITHOUT license plates,” the new memorandum reads.

“As a result of the public consultation held on Thursday, 23 May 2019, and in response to public clamor as to the inconvenience of requiring an original copy of the Official Receipt (OR)/ Certificate of Registration (CR), both the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and Department of Transportation (DOTr) hereby allow a PHOTOCOPY of the OR/CR of vehicles without license plates for the purpose of conducting emission tests, effective immediately.

Attached below is a copy of the issued joint memorandum.

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  1. uk guy
    May 31, 2019 at 7:03 pm — Reply

    i am a permanent resident of the philippines but i am brittish. the driving laws here are terrible. many drivers dont have insurance or a licence to drive and they totaly diss regaurd traffic lights. the tryke drivers and jeepney drivers are insane. to put a plate on the front of a motorcycle is maddness and a big rear plate will be caught by the wind if its to big. in uk they used to have front number on sides of front gaurd stickers on the sides . but then they stopped it. big plates will get draught at speed like a blowback. such silly laws over here but you must obey the law.i drive a car and a motorbike. i was a goverment driving instructor. then you get a young kid traffic enforcer here trying to hastle you with a load of rubbish.

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