Our favorite things at MIAS 2022


The recently held Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) came to a close on Sunday, April 10. The three-day affair was a buffet of vehicle launches, aftermarket parts deals, and several other events specially curated to tickle the palate of local automotive enthusiasts.


  • Were there motorcycle brands at MIAS?

    Yes, present was Mutt Motorcycles.
  • Were there scale models of cars at the event?

    Yes, Lego showcased scale models of actual vehicles.
  • How about off-road aftermarket makers?

    Yes. For starters, Method Race Wheels attended the event and featured a comprehensive display.
  • Mixed in the smorgasbord of automobile-loving attendees were vloggers, known media people, and executives of various local brands that participated in this momentous event.

    Looking back at a weekend that was definitely one for the books, here’s a list of our favorite things at MIAS 2022.

    1. Two-wheelers

    One would think that MIAS — with it being an auto show — would have no room for motorcycles, especially with the Inside Racing Bike Festival wrapping up just a few weeks before.


    That said, it was refreshing to see a booth for two-wheelers at the event. Displayed were several of Mutt Motorcycles’ retro-themed bikes.

    2. Aftermarket parts

    MIAS is a venue where vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket parts makers come together. One of the most eye-catching booths at the event was Method Race Wheels. For the uninitiated, the brand makes off-road wheels as well as accessories for those who like to go off the grid.


    On display was a fully-dressed Jeep that looks like it was ready for a zombie apocalypse.


    Beefy wheels with matching hefty tires and a roof tent complete the look of the 4X4 truck that’ll make Overlanding enthusiasts say “shut up and take my money!”


    And while we’re on the topic of aftermarket parts, here’s a photo of NGK Spark Plug’s mascot.


    3. Toys for tots of all ages

    The Manila International Auto Show also offered sights for tykes.

    Lego had a booth at the event which showcased several builds, like the Lego Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car, which apparently will set you back some P11,999.


    Also showcased were a BMW bike, a Jeep, a Ducati bike, a Lambo, and a Ferrari.


    4. Petron’s booth

    Another favorite, not only by us from Carmudi but also by other attendees, was Petron’s booth which had a rally car on display. Also were bikes from BMW which flanked the rally car showpiece.


    5. Going green

    It’s good to see that the Philippine automotive industry is slowly embracing the future of mobility. In attendance was Pesin Mobility Solutions which showcased a suite of charging solutions for electric vehicles.


    6. Sims

    Those who want to feel the rush of racing without the dangers and financial liabilities associated with it, of course, had a place in the event where they can feed their need for speed.

    The Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) had a booth at MIAS where they put up racing simulators.


    Like us, many enthusiasts are looking forward to next year’s event. And for more news about MIAS, keep it here at the country’s number one second-hand car platform, Carmudi Philippines.

    Photos from Paulo Papa

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