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Revealed: 13 Famous Celebrities and Their First Cars

We don’t know about you, but it’s interesting to know what some of the most famous celebrities were driving back when they were relatively unknown and struggling to make ends meet. It makes them more human to us—unlike the glamorous personas they project on screen.

Besides, it’s a bit like knowing their dirty little secret, especially if they now drive vehicles that are worth 10, 20, or even 50 times as much as their old one. How time flies so fast when you’re earning big bucks now, right?

So without further ado, here are the first cars of the most popular celebrities (and icons) today:

Brad Pitt: 455 Buick Centurion

Clint Eastwood: T-Bucket with a Flathead Ford Engine

Daniel Craig: Nissan Cherry

David Beckham: Honda Prelude

Johnny Depp: Chevy Nova

Justin Bieber: Range Rover

Paul McCartney: Ford Consul Classic

Scarlett Johansson: BMW Z4

Miley Cyrus: Porsche Cayenne

Taylor Swift : Lexus SC430 

Tom Cruise: Dodge Colt

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: 1979 Thunderbird

Vin Diesel: 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo


So there you have it–the first cars of the most popular celebrities today. Doesn’t it feel great to know that there was a point in time when these uber popular stars drove vehicles that we could actually afford, much less own? In any case, their second hand versions were probably way cheaper, so that’s another good option for those scrimping on a tight budget.

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