RMK E2 Electric Motorcycle Pushes Innovation with its Hubless Rear Wheel

Imagination and creativity are two things that allow you to come up with the most weird or random idea. In most cases, weird or random ideas are the best ingredient when you want to push the limits of innovation. This is the case for RMK, a startup Finnish company, which intends to change the way we look at electric motorcycles.

Meet the E2, an electric motorcycle that seems to have gone back from the future. The distinctive feature of RMK's E2 is the hubless rear wheel, which also houses the bike's electric motor. See, weird ideas are not weird after all. Speaking of the electric motor, RMK says it can put out 67 hp and 320 Nm of torque. It has a top speed of 160 kph, according to RMK.

The power generated by the E2's motor is transferred through the orange-colored electrical cables, housed in the rear wheel rim. However, this is not the first time that we saw this kind of design. Remember the Yamaha Motoroid concept bike? The Yamaha Motoroid concept (photo shown below) also comes with exposed electrical cables. Well, the exposed cables add to both bike's futuristic appeal.

Going back to the E2, RMK says its electric motorcycle features an aluminum frame and its overall design pushes the limits of a traditional motorcycle. The Finnish company also claims that the E2 has an electric range that's around 200 km to 300 km and it takes two hours to fully charge the bike.

In case you're one of the few people who doesn't know what to do with your money, RMK is accepting pre-orders for the E2 electric motorcycle. It is priced at EUR24,990 (around PHP1.6 million) and RMK says deliveries of the E2 will start at the end of 2018.