Scania Looking into Using Carbon Fiber for its Trucks

Scania Growth Capital is looking to find an alternative and less costly materials that can be used to its trucks. As such, the company has invested SEK45 million (over PHP262 million) in Corebon, a material tech start-up, to see how they can maximize the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP).

Corebon is based in southern Sweden and it has developed a new method for producing components of CFRPs. The CFRPs that Corebon produced can be used in a wide range of products in industries such as automotive, telecommunication, aerospace, and robotics. This Swedish start-up company has found a way to produce carbon fiber components at a higher speed as compared to the existing method. Scania added that the quality of Corebon's carbon fiber component is "improved and energy consumption in production is considerably lower."

Photo: Scania[/caption>“Corebon has developed a truly disruptive method for production of carbon fibre components. The technology has the potential to fundamentally change the reach of carbon fibre in industrial applications, which traditionally has been limited due to long lead-time and high cost," Partner at the management company of Scania Growth Capital Christian Zeuchner said. Scania also wants to explore the full potential of carbon fiber as it plans to expand the use of the said material to several applications in product development, including vehicle electrification.