Seaoil Launches Free Lifetime Gas Supply Promo

Seaoil Launches Free Lifetime Gas Supply Promo

Seaoil Philippines, touted as the country's leading independent petroleum player, launched yesterday, July 16, the third year of its free lifetime gas supply promo, which company executives say is the only one of its kind in the world.

"Following our success from the past two years of the lifetime free gas promo, we want to continue this giveaway to thank our loyal customers for their continued patronage of Seaoil. The response has been overwhelming, and we are more than happy to return with it once again," Seaoil chief executive officer Glenn Yu said in a statement.

As the costs of operating a vehicle have become expensive, winning a lifetime supply of free gas is a financial benefit.

Monica Poliquit of Pasig City is the first winner of the 'Lifetime Free Gas, Oh My Gas!' promo which was first launched in 2017.

"It has really changed my family's life. As a mom with five kids, I have to plan for the budget every month. This is really a big help for us so instead of worrying about the gas budget, we allocate (the savings) for other things. We are able to save for our out-of-town trips," she told reporters during the launch.

Michael Sulit, 24, from Caloocan City, is the promo's youngest winner so far.

As a salesman, Sulit said he uses his free fuel for field work and for trips with family and friends.

"When I won (in the promo in 2018), I was taking up my master's degree. The free gas helped (me save money) when I conducted research and had to be in Tagaytay, Batangas because we had studies that we needed to visit farms, offices," he said.

Jeffrey Olasa, an entrepreneur in Iloilo City, said he uses the free gas in providing services to his clients.

He is engaged in the business of print advertising.

Meanwhile, the promo will run from July 18 to October 18, 2019.

Four winners will be each given every month PHP5,000 worth of Seaoil gift certificates for life.

Seaoil will also draw 45 winners of PHP10,000 worth of gift certificates.

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