Skates with Self-Balancing and Anti-Skidding Technology? Meet the Drift E1 E-Skate

Gone are the days when skating was as difficult as learning how to ride a bike. Segway, the company responsible for the hoverboard Loomo, is taking skates to a new level by adding in technology that's commonly found in typical vehicles. Meet Drift E1 e-Skates. Not only are they self-balancing, they also offer advanced features like anti-skidding and anti-collision technology.

The Drift E1 e-Skates work by allowing you to ride and balance the skates with each foot individually. You also have the option to ride on one or both feet, and can choose different riding options to experience it in different ways.

A pair of Drift E1 e-Skates have a combined weight of 17.6 lbs and a carrying capacity of around 220 lbs. They have a maximum speed of  12 kph, and can provide around 45 minutes of riding time depending on the condition of the road.

The skates are made using high-grade materials that include a 10 mm rubber bumper, magnesium alloy skeleton, smart battery management system, and IP54 waterproof protection. They're also UL2272-certified, and priced at USD499.

What is Segway?

Segway is an American manufacturer of two-wheeled personal transporters, and has been owned by the Chinese company Ninebot since 2015. The company's first patented product was a self-balancing transportation device related to iBOT--a self-balancing wheelchair. It was founded by Dean Kamen in 1999, using the word "segue" as a homophone to the word "Segway".

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