Stressed Out? Let Ford's 'Calm Screen' Relax You on the Road

Stressed Out? Let Ford's 'Calm Screen' Relax You on the Road

We understand. We know how easy it is to fall way into the dark side of the force when you've been stuck in traffic for more than two hours straight.

And yes, we can see how you want to reprise the role of Anthony Hopkins' "Hannibal Lecter" and "slaughter" that rude and angry driver like finely-minced lamb chop. So what if you're octo-, lacto-vegetarian and hates Jodie Foster's hair? Dammit, you're angry with that driver.

Now, before you decide to get off the rails, perhaps it would be easier if you'll just use Ford's 'Calm Screen' to ease those vile and murderous thoughts away. While we can't guarantee immediate success, we think it will significantly lower your odds of brilliantly re-making Lecter's scene when he was behind bars.

Ford Explorer 2020 is now adding an optional 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster that features a Calm Screen Function. Also called 'Mindful Mode,' it hides all the information seen on on the infotainment screen except for the fuel gauge and speedometer. Moreover, it changes its color to soft blue--something that Ford thinks can soothe and calm the brain.

But it doesn't stop there. Its 'Night Panel' button turns off all the lights except the speedometer's, while its motion sensing feature automatically turns on the light when it senses a hand approaching the center stack. It even has a relaxing ambient light option to help you forget that it has been more than three hours straight since you've been stuck in traffic--and you desperately need solitary confinement in a bathroom.

Oh well, you can't have everything.

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