Suzuki PH's biggest 3S moto shop now open

Suzuki 3S Talibon

Suzuki Philippines (SPH) announced the opening of the brand’s biggest 3S (sales, spare parts and service) motorcycle shop in the country.


  • Where is the biggest Suzuki motorcycle 3S shop located?

    The biggest Suzuki motorcycle 3S shop is in Talibon, Bohol.
  • Who manages the Suzuki 3S Talibon shop?

    The newly opened outlet is under HMAC (Hiram Mary Anne Chu) Motors Incorporated.
  • In a statement, the Japanese marque’s local motorcycle distributor said that the newest shop — located in Talibon, Bohol — serves as the “landmark venue for the brand's commitment to provide the best service possible, parts, and high-quality motorcycle products.”

    Suzuki 3S Talibon

    The Suzuki Talibon 3S Shop is the first outlet under HMAC (Hiram Mary Anne Chu) Motors Incorporated, which is the subsidiary of Solid Motorcycle Distributors Incorporated (SMDI), a known SPH partner.

    Suzuki Motorcycles Philippines President Akira Utsumi said the expansion is "definitely worth the wait" after the pandemic prevented both Suzuki and HMAX from opening a new shop in the Visayas. He also assured clients visiting the shop are "in good hands" as HMAC is known to provide quality service.

    Suzuki 3S Talibon

    The Talibon 3S Shop offers the latest line-up of Suzuki motorcycles that include Burgman StreetSkydrive SportRaider R150 Fi and J Crossover, Smash, the Gixxer line, as well as the GSX-S150.

    For his part, SPH General Manager for Motorcycle Sales and Marketing, Jun Bulot said that all "Suzuki 3S Shops are accessible and have high visibility in good and safe conditions.” All of these are packed in this store which is designed tastefully emanating Suzuki's innovation," Bulot said.

    Suzuki 3S Talibon

    "You are assured that our competent Suzuki Talibon HMAC 3S Shop Team will be with you along the way with their best service possible, coupled with the best motorcycle products from Suzuki," he added.

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