Suzuki reveals Euro-spec, full-hybrid Vitara


In a recent press release, Suzuki introduces a full-hybrid version of the Vitara midsize SUV. According to the European arm of the Japanese automaker, the full-hybrid Vitara will be powered by the brand’s K15C engine and will work in conjunction with an inverter with a 140-volt lithium-ion battery, a Motor Generator Unit (MGU), and a 12-volt lithium-ion battery.


  • What is the maximum power output of the full-hybrid Vitara?

    According to Suzuki, it makes 115hp with a top speed of 111mph.
  • How many variants does the full-hybrid Vitara have?

    It has three variants, priced from £25,499 to £29,299.
  • The MGU, which acts as both a generator and starter motor, is belt-driven and assists the gasoline engine during vehicle take-off.

    It will also be equipped with an Auto Gear Shift (AGS) gearbox that automatically shifts the manual transmission and gear ratios that are optimized to help provide a good combination of performance and fuel economy.

    Mazda Europe adds that the MGU in the AGS-equipped full-hybrid Vitara is positioned on the output side of the transmission assembly. That said, the output of the MGU is directly transmitted to the driveshafts to fill the torque gap during shifting and provides a smoother transition from the transmission.

    The hybrid system is accompanied by two modes: Eco and Standard. The former increases the frequency of EV driving while the latter prioritizes the use of the gasoline engine for a more spirited drive.

    Overall, the hybrid powerplant makes 115 horses with a top speed of 111mph. It achieves a WLTP combined CO2 emissions of 121g/km and a WLTP Combined fuel consumption of 53.0mpg.


    Other features that come with the full-hybrid Vitara include LED multi-reflector headlamps for low and high beams, 17-inch silver painted alloy wheels, rear privacy glass, auto A/C, front and rear power windows, keyless entry, a push start button, and safety features such as traffic sign recognition, blind-spot monitoring, and adaptive cruise control.

    The full-hybrid Vitara is now available in Europe and is offered in three trims: an SZ-T full-hybrid as well as an SZ5 full-hybrid and an SZ5 AllGrip full-hybrid. They are priced at £25,499, £27,499, and £29,299, respectively.

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