Suzuki to reuse small lithium-ion batteries from end-of-life vehicles


Suzuki has announced that it will be repurposing small lithium-ion batteries collected from ELVs (end-of-life vehicles) for solar-powered streetlights in Japan. This initiative, according to Suzuki, is part of the company’s non-profitable activity in utilizing the net surplus generated from the Japanese vehicle recycling fees.


  • What will Suzuki use the small lithium-ion batteries for?

    Suzuki will use the small lithium-ion batteries for solar-powered street lamps in Japan.
  • How many batteries are required for a single street lamp?

    According to Suzuki, one street lamp requires 10 small lithium-ion batteries.
  • Most of the disposed ELVs still have functional batteries in them. Suzuki will collect these batteries and use them for the solar-powered streetlights in Japan. Suzuki said that about 10 small lithium-ion batteries are needed for a single solar-powered street lamp.

    Suzuki believes that the technology will pave the way for the effective and efficient utilization of small lithium-ion batteries in the future. The developed technology will be made open to the public as a product of Suzuki’s non-profitable activity to penetrate the technology.

    The Japanese automotive brand plans to continue facilitating similar initiatives that contribute to a sustainable society.

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