Tesla Easter Eggs: The Missing Link Between Flatulence and Romance

Tesla Model S P85D electric car

Will a Tesla car ever be sold in the Philippines? With all the turmoil the electric car company is going through right now, that possibility may still be a long ways away. If you’re one of the car buyers itching to get his hands on one of these battery-powered babies, here's something to entice you even more: Thanks to a software update introduced in November last year, Tesla cars now come with a slew of really cool Easter eggs--intentional hidden jokes or messages embedded into the car's systems.

One of these Easter eggs is the so-called 'emissions testing mode.' This raised a few eyebrows when Tesla co-founder, CEO, and product architect Elon Musk announced the updates back in 2018. Tesla cars are fully electric after all, and thus don't have to go through any emissions tests because they don't produce any. But alas, car owners discovered, it was simply the first of many Easter eggs waiting to be found.

So what does the emissions testing mode do? As it turns out, it does have to with chemical byproducts--not of the automotive, but of the human kind. The new feature lets drivers play six different fart sounds using their turn signal. Check out this video of the super-fun Easter egg at work.

There’s also a 'romance mode' that, once enabled, shows a video of a roaring fireplace on the touchscreen display, complete with mood music and crackling fire sound effects. The car also makes the cabin warmer for added comfort and coziness.

Secret agent wannabes get to play out their 007 fantasies by pressing and holding the Tesla logo on the touchscreen for five seconds and entering James Bond's code number.

There’s also the 'pole position mode' that lets you play classic racing games while the car is in park. Fitting, because Pole Position is actually the name of a vintage racing game.

The Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law gives manufacturers and importers tax incentives for electric and hybrid vehicles. This could signal that the Tesla could be arriving on our shores soon. But all this is speculation, and we'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, let these videos tide you over on the many enjoyable things you can get from a Tesla.

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