The hits and the misses of the Maxus V80


The Maxus V80 is the brand’s entry into the highly competitive Philippine van segment. As a newcomer, the Maxus V80 looks to compete with segment staples through some of its practical features.


  • How many seats does the Maxus V80 have?

    The Maxus V80 Comfort offers 13 seats.
  • What is the price of the Maxus V80?

    The Maxus V80 Comfort is priced at P1,570,000.
  • Interested to find out if the Maxus V80 is the right ride for you and your family? Find out today as we check out the hits and the misses of Maxus’ passenger van.


    Comfortable, captain-style seats

    The Maxus V80 Comfort features comfortable second- and third-row captain-style seats. Unlike other passenger vans that are equipped with bench-like seats from the second to the fourth rows, the seats you’ll find in the Maxus V80 are undeniably comfortable. They are also made with fabric so you can bet your bottom they are absolutely breathable.

    The side of the seating has ample bolstering allowing you to stay in place without much of a hassle even when passing a bumpy road. Similarly, the headrests are also comfortable enough.

    Roomy interior

    Complementing the comfortable seats is the roomy interior. Compared to other vans on the market, the Maxus V8 is larger and wider. This translates to a larger cabin where passengers won’t have to feel cramped.


    What this means for you and your family is that they’ll enjoy the ride whether they’re in for a short or a long one.

    Pop-up step boards

    As we’ve briefly covered above, the Maxus V8 is larger compared to other vans in the segment. Now to ensure that the passengers won’t have a hard tie hopping in Maxus equipped the V80 with a pop-up step board.

    Families living with seniors no longer have to worry about how their lolos and lolas will climb abroad their V80.


    Not enough luggage space

    The seats of the Maxus V80 are pushed far back leaving very little room for luggage. You can pack your bags under the seats but you’ll be hard-pressed to look for space for larger items like a stroller perhaps.

    The fourth-row seats can be folded, however, know that you’re sacrificing four seats in the process.

    Ergonomics and instrument cluster can get a bit of getting used to

    Drivers might need to get a feel of being behind the wheel of the Maxus V80. That’s because the ergonomics and the placement of the instrument cluster are not what you’d normally see on other vans — let alone other vehicles.


    The gauges are stacked on the middle of the dashboard which takes away several seconds of your time when checking the Maxus V80’s driving condition. You’ll find that you constantly turn your head to the right instead of keeping your eye within the line of sight of the steering wheel.


    The Maxus V80 is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. Compared to other 13-seater passenger vans, it lacks that touch of practical luxury and is a little short when it comes to technology.

    However, with a price point of P1,570,000, many families are more than willing to accept and be forgiving of the flaws of the Maxus V80.

    The Maxus V80 also has a utility van variant called the Maxus V80 Flex

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