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As everyone has noticed by now, stop-and-go traffic has already returned. This traffic situation is not just taking its toll on the time we spend on the road, but also on our car batteries.


  • What is the basic rule to extend the life of a car battery?

    The basic rule to prolong the car's battery life is to allow it to charge by using it for a considerable amount of time and disconnect items that would drain the juice from it when the vehicle is not running.
  • Who is the distributor of Furukawa batteries in the Philippines?

    The Furukawa Battery distributor locally is BSB Junrose.
  • While the heavy traffic seems to have become inevitable and should be endured throughout the year, it pays to know other ways to keep the car battery in top condition.

    Here are some of the BSB Junrose (the local distributor of Furukawa Battery) shared.

    Avoid driving short distances

    Driving short distances does not facilitate a full recharge in between trips. If you cannot help but use the car, the company in the country said that the vehicle should be driven for another five minutes to maintain good car battery health.

    Furukawa Battery

    Be mindful of the gadgets plugged in the car

    The car battery distributor said that a good way to lengthen the battery life is to turn off or unplug the devices inside the car when not in use.

    “Using the navigation screen, playing the radio, turning on the internal lights and sensors, using the air conditioner, or keeping the dashcam on while driving also utilizes significant energy supplied by the car battery. To avoid the need to charge your gadgets while driving, be sure to do the recharging through the electric outlet at home before going out or the night before,” the company explained.

    “Lastly, use the air conditioner and the car stereo controllably,” it added.

    Never use car lights or play the radio when engine is off

    The practice of keeping the car lights, air-conditioner, or car radio while the engine is switched off drains the juice of one’s car battery fast as there is no way for the vehicle to charge the vehicle.

    In addition, always check if all lights are off before leaving the car parked.

    Furukawa Battery

    Disconnect car battery terminals before going on a vacation

    If the vehicle would be parked for a long period, BSB Junrose said that car batteries should not be left connected to the terminals. Disconnect the battery’s negative terminal and it should be all good.

    According to the company, doing so would help prevent the battery from inevitably losing charge during the days the car would not be in use.

    If someone else would use the vehicle while you are away, have the user start the car at least every few days or have them drive the car for at least 20 minutes every other day to maintain the battery’s health while not in use.

    Never ignore the car’s battery warning sign

    If the car battery sign is on, it means that it is due for a battery inspection, or needs to be replaced.

    BSB Junrose said that Furukawa Battery is a good choice when getting a new car battery as the brand has maintained its reputation of being among the most reliable battery brands for truck, automotive and motorcycles in the region. The brand’s rich history dates back to 1914 before it was reorganized in 1950.

    “In BSB Junrose’s tradition of distributing only the best products and brands for Filipinos, we are proud to bring Furukawa Battery to the most discerning vehicle owners in the country,” BSB Junrose President Benjamin Bangayan was quoted as saying.

     “We are confident that the brand will not let you down. Furukawa Battery is designed to withstand the country’s road conditions, Filipinos’ driving habits, and other issues like fast discharging rates, shortages, and quick water loss.”

    To know more about Furukawa batteries in the country, customers may visit any of BSB Junrose’s locations or their dealers nationwide, check out the Furukawa Battery PH on Facebook (@FurukawaBatteryPH) or text/call 0917 165 8111.

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