Traffic? Here's a Polite Way to Cut a Vehicle and Make Drivers Smile

Traffic? Here's a Polite Way to Cut a Vehicle and Make Drivers Smile

Traffic can bring out the worst in drivers. It's more than enough to let courtesy and manners take a backseat on their vehicles.  Some curse, some get angry, and yes--some get extremely aggressive and cut other cars in front (or behind) them.

However, just when all hope is lost towards finding an extremely polite driver that spreads oodles of sunshine near and far, along came Allison Klemes who uploaded this video to her YouTube account:

In the video, you can see a Lexus ES 300 driver who went all the way when it came to signal his intentions to other drivers.  He wanted to merge into the left lane, so he reached out the window with a small card politely saying "Please let me in."

The car's driver behind him was impressed, even calling it "smart," and became ecstatic when the driver drew out another card that said "Thank you" after they allowed him in.

Aw, such a sweet, heartfelt gesture that deserves a Hallmark card moment.

Now, this video goes contrary to another one with a common theme: merging traffic. But look at how they contrast with the polite  driver we've shown you earlier:

See the huge difference here? Really, it's quite amazing how a simple "Please" can melt the hardened hearts of drivers like a gooey mozzarella cheese pizza.

So, the lesson here is to always be polite to other drivers on the road--and never forget to say thank you when they allow you a favor. You never know--you might even gain a new friend in the process.

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