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Uber India Adds Feature that Holds Customers Responsible for Improper Behavior

This may come in handy for all the ride-sharing companies in the Philippines, but for now, let’s settle with Uber India. According to, the company is adding an app feature that holds rude customers responsible for their ‘bad’ behavior during the ride.

This is part of Uber’s plan to “build a transparent and accountable two-way ride hailing ecosystem.”

According to the post: “When people know that they are been rated they become conscious of their behavior and become accountable for their actions.”

“We are notifying a small number of riders who have consistently been rated poorly by drivers over a prolonged period of time that they must improve their behaviour. If that doesn’t happen, this small handful of riders can lose access to the Uber app permanently,” explained Uber India and South Asia Head of Cities Prabhjeet Singh.

The ride-sharing giant will start giving its customers guidelines on how to become a better rider, such as not smoking in the vehicle and other rider courtesies. All these guidelines will be part of Uber’s safety tool kit that it launched in August last year. Aside from Uber’s reminders, the safety kit allows users to store their contacts’ details, get safety tips from law enforcement, and even get information about insurance protection, driver screening process, and other community tips.

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