UMA Racing Yamaha Philippines Team Bags Overall Lead Despite Injuries

UMA Racing Yamaha Philippines Team Bags Overall Lead Despite Injuries

It has always been the resiliency of the Filipinos that take them to new heights same as the case of the two riders who fought over their recent win at Round 6 of the Asia Road Racing Championship.

Prior to them joining--and eventually bagging the overall lead in the standings--Masato Fernando suffered a knee injury during his training session in the Philippines. Though test results appeared negative for any structural damage, this limited Masato's movements to only light walking.

The team then was eyeing McKinley Kyle Paz, who just came back from the VR46 Master Camp, to get the huge scores in Malaysia after their victory in China.

However, during the second practice session before race day, the Wonder Boy had a hard fall that he had to be wheelchaired to the medical center to be evaluated.

An injury to his heel and ankle prevented him to participate in the qualifiers, landing him at the back at 33rd spot.

But despite all that, the two went back in the saddle and soldiered on.

First, Fernando set the tone on track by qualifying for the super pole and then getting the 5th spot on the grid, and that was on a bad knee. Then, Paz defied expectations and pushed himself to be medically cleared to race.

The Chairman rode through the pain led the race early and was fending off most of the challengers. He then remained with the race leaders even when he was swarmed by multiple opponents all throughout. Then, Paz weaved through everyone and rocketed his way to the front. A phenomenal stand from the hurting 18-year-old, showcasing why he earned the right to be at the VR46 camp

In a race with multiple crashes and unforgiving competition, UMA Racing Yamaha Philippines Team didn't just stay alive, they rocked the ARRC with sheer unstoppable will.

UMA Racing Yamaha Philippines finished Race 1 of Round 6 with Masato Fernando at 11th (4th overall), and Paz, at 6th, (2nd overall).

This team is supported by Yamaha Motor Philippines, UMA Racing, Racing Boy, ARacer, Proliner, Youall, Galfer, Nasty Port Flow, Koso, NGK, RK, and Kushitani.

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