USD2 Million Pagani Huayra Gets Stuck In Snow

If you owned a car worth almost USD3 million, would you take it out in extreme weather? One Pagani Huayra actually dared to do so, and he ended up getting trapped in the snow.

The car was an attendee of the International Concours of Elegance held recently in the little town of St. Moritz, Switzerland. Unfortunately for the owner, temperatures rose toward the end of the weekend, causing the snow to melt. As the driver attempted to leave the parking area, that's when the unexpected happened.

Calling for assistance, a group of people soon came to the Huayra's rescue. Watch the video of the rescue below:

According to reports, the car did have winter tires installed, but the weather proved too much for the 730-hp machine. And it didn’t help that the driver was stepping on the gas at the wrong time, even failing to cooperate with his helpers at certain points in the video.

Eventually, the Huayra got freed from its mushy predicament, and no damage to the form and finish was reported.