Volkswagen Touran minivan gets mild updates ahead of 20th birthday

updated vw touran

Volkswagen announced that the Touran minivan had been updated with numerous upgrades just before it celebrates its 20th anniversary.


  • When did Volkswagen release the Touran minivan?

    The Volkswagen Touran minivan was released on March 14, 2003.
  • What are some of the new features of the Volkswagen Touran?

    The Volkswagen Touran gets a new steering wheel, a new programmable instrument panel, and a host of new driver assist systems.
  • The minivan now gets a new steering wheel and a programmable eight-inch digital instrument cluster.

    Would-be owners can also option the Volkswagen Touran with an airconditioning console with touch controls, as well as Easy Open-and-Close (closing the trunk lid by foot movement) and Keyless Access (keyless locking and starting system).

    updated vw touran 2

    Volkswagen also said that the Touran gets new driver assistance systems, like PreCrash.

    Per the German automotive brand, PreCrash makes use of the sensors of the minivan’s Side Assist lane change assist feature to detect the position and speed of cars behind it. If PreCrash detects an imminent rear-end collision due to the position of the following vehicle and the excessive speed difference between the two vehicles, the proactive occupant protection system will be activated — not only while driving, but also while stationary with the engine running or in start/stop mode.

    Also made standard on all Volkswagen Touran models is a multifunctional camera, which can help identify objects or people as quickly as possible.

    Further, the optional “IQ.DRIVE incl. IQ.LIGHT” package now includes the Travel Assist driver assist system that works in conjunction with the Lane Assist lane departure warning.

    Volkswagen explained that Travel Assist can help keep the vehicle in the lane, maintaining a distance from the vehicle in front and also ensuring that the vehicle keeps to a maximum speed set by the driver. Travel Assist adapts itself to the driving style and can also keep the vehicle further left or right in the lane instead of exactly in the center.

    Also part of the abovementioned “IQ.DRIVE incl. IQ.LIGHT” package is Dynamic Light Assist. This system can detect oncoming vehicles as well as vehicles ahead and automatically fades out corresponding areas of the vehicle's main beam. When driving in traffic, the system also automatically switches from “main” beam to “dipped” beam.

    Finally, the Volkswagen Touran is now equipped with a more fuel-efficient engine in the form of the Wolfsburg-based brand’s 1.5 TSI gasoline mill.

    Volkswagen said that the powerplant is not only capable of reducing fuel consumption and carbon-dioxide emissions but is also designed for fuels with renewable content. Furthermore, the latest version features Active Cylinder Management ACTplus, an emission control module close to the engine, and the modern TSI-Evo combustion process.

    updated vw touran 1

    The Volkswagen Touran was launched on March 14, 2003, and has sold more than 2.6 million units since. 

    To note, the nameplate has once been offered here in the Philippines as part of the initial lineup presented by Volkswagen’s local distributor, AC Motors. 

    Photos from Volkswagen 

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