Volkswagen’s ID. Software 3.0 adds functions to all-electric models


Volkswagen looks to offer its customers an elevated driving experience as the German automotive brand equips all ID. electric models with a new vehicle software. According to the Wolfsburg-based company, the move to run the new ID. Software 3.0 will add a multitude of new functions to its all-electric models as well as enhance user experience and optimize charging capacity.


  • What two new features can customers expect from the new ID. Software 3.0?

    The two new features are Travel Assist with Swarm Data and Park Assist Plus with Memory Function.
  • Will older VW vehicles get these features?

    VW said that it will roll out optimizations of ID. Software 3.0 free of charge via an over-the-air update as of Q2.
  • “The new ID. Software 3.0 is an upgrade for our whole ID. family: we are taking our products to a new level of functionality because we are working faster, are more connected, and are more customer-oriented. Again, we are living up to our claim of offering high-quality technologies and innovations in all classes,” said VW Member of the Board of Management Thomas Ulbrich.

    One of the many notable benefits of this update is the new and optional Travel Assist with Swarm Data. This feature not only automatically keeps the vehicle in the lane but also has the ability to adapt to a driver’s style and can be programmed to drive further on the left or right side of the lane. In addition, Travel Assist with Swarm Data can be adapted to local speed limits. It can help maintain distance from the car in front while keeping to the preset speed.


    Two ultrasound radars allow Travel Assist with Swarm Data to keep an eye on surrounding traffic while actively supporting lane changes. As long as the sensors have not detected any objects in the surrounding area and the capacitive steering wheel can sense the driver’s hands, the vehicle can steer itself into the desired lane. The driver can intervene at any time and take control of the maneuver.

    Should anonymous “swarm data” be available from other ID. Software 3.0-equipped vehicles, Travel Assist with Swarm Data can provide support on roads where there is only one lane marking. In this event, the vehicle will align itself with a detected lane boundary in order to stay in the lane.

    “By using swarm data and the most recent generation of driver assistance systems, Volkswagen is also taking the next step towards automated driving,” said Volkswagen in a press release.

    Another new feature brought by the ID. Software 3.0 is the Park Assist Plus. Through Park Assist Plus, the vehicle can search for a parking space. If desired, this feature allows the vehicle to autonomously park itself with the help of the environment sensors, and take full control of the car including steering, acceleration, braking, and gear changes. It can also pull out of parking spaces.


    Volkswagen adds that Park Assist Plus can also assist drivers who are in the middle of executing a parking maneuver.

    The Park Assist Plus can also be had with Memory Function. This upgraded driver-assist feature allows the vehicle to be taught up to five different parking maneuvers. The memory function remembers parking maneuvers at speeds below 40 kph with a travel distance of up to 50 meters. The vehicle can repeat the learned parking maneuver autonomously with the driver simply monitoring the process.

    The new ID. Software 3.0 also adds several new features to equipped VW vehicles like new displays such as the optional augmented reality head-up display, improved navigation, optimized voice control, smart e-route planner, and enhanced charging capabilities.


    As part of the Accelerate strategy, Volkswagen is forging ahead with its transformation to a software-oriented mobility provider and is becoming an expert in software integration and over-the-air updates.

    VW said that buyers of brand-new cars will benefit from the new software right away. Nevertheless, owners of cars that have already been delivered will receive many of the optimizations of ID. Software 3.0 free of charge via an over-the-air update as of Q2.

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