WATCH: Ferrari reveals 75th-anniversary logo in special company video


In 1947, the world saw the birth of two beautiful things: Farrah Fawcett and Ferrari. The former became a famous “Charlie’s Angel” while the latter revolutionized the automotive world.


  • What year was Ferrari founded?

    Ferrari was founded in 1947.
  • What is special about the 75th-anniversary logo?

    The 75th-anniversary logo pays homage to Ferrari's employees, with a mosaic of employees’ faces.
  • To celebrate Ferrari’s 75th year anniversary, the Italian luxury car brand revealed a special logo. A video dedicated to this special occasion has been uploaded on Ferrari’s official YouTube channel. You can check it out here.

    “For this special year, we have created a special icon: a sculpture made up of thousands of components forged here in our factory and positioned one by one by my Ferrari colleagues. It is a symbol of the Ferrari spirit which is shared both here in Maranello and by all our family around the world. It reflects the essence of who we are, our past 75 years, and our future. It is a symbol of a company that, as Enzo Ferrari once said — above all, is made of people,” says Ferrari Chairman, John Elkann.

    The highlight of the video is the brand’s 75th-anniversary logo, made as Ferrari employees put together the pieces of a grand puzzle. This was made to symbolize Ferrari’s championing the people who ensure the company’s success — day in, day out. Words like “passion,” “teamwork,” “pride,” and “excellence,” are just some of the words that were used again and again to describe the employees’ very special relationship with the company.

    Employees were also key in the reveal of the 75th-anniversary logo, which premiered at the end-of-year convention and comes to life through a mosaic of employees’ faces as an acknowledgment of the commitment and determination they have shown over so many years, qualities that today are paving the way for the company’s future.


    “It is this strong, truly shared sense of belonging that unites us — it is integral to our DNA. It has been the source of our unique success in the past, and it will also power our future,” commented Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna.

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