WATCH: Ford is Using Drones to Conduct Safety Inspections

Work smarter, not harder—this is what Ford wants to apply when it comes to the nature of operation in its production facilities. As previously reported, Ford is using the EksoVest, which provides lift assistance to its employees to reduce fatigue. Now, the blue oval brand is using drones to do safety inspections in its plant.

Ford employees in the Dagenham engine plant in the UK are now using cameras mounted on drones to "safely and efficiently inspect high-rise gantries, pipework, and roof areas." With the help of drones equipped with GoPro, Ford claims that maintenance staff can inspect each plant area in 12 minutes. The company adds that the whole production facility can be covered in a day. Before, Ford's maintenance safety inspection takes 12 hours to complete and the company uses automated extendable platforms and scaffolding. Considering the time saved and less cost, Ford's Dagenham plant can now carry out more inspections without shutting down the facility to make way for the scaffolding.

The use of drones is a nice way to inspect high-rise platforms but, this technology can also be used for other purposes. One of which is to monitor how employees work during their shift inside the plant. By using drones, plant supervisors could keep a close eye and monitor the employees, which is bad news for employees who tend to slack off when there's no one watching.

Check out the video posted below to see how Ford uses drones to conduct safety inspections.