WATCH: Hyundai collaborates with L’Eclaireur and Boontheshop for Re:Style


Hyundai Motors has partnered with select fashion brands, L’Eclaireur and Boontheshop, for this year’s Re:Style — the company’s annual fashion event which focuses on upcycling discarded materials.

The South Korean automaker has released a video showing actors Doona Bae, Kyohwah Koo, and virtual influencer Shudu sampling some of the eco-friendly fashion items from Re:Style 2021. You can check it out here.


“With the third annual celebration of Re:Style this year, Hyundai Motor Company continues its dedication to facilitate the ‘progress for humanity,’ its brand vision and objective,” said Hyundai Motor Company Global Chief Marketing Officer and Head of the Customer Experience Division Thomas Schemera.

He added, “We are stepping up our collaborations steadily with various industries around the world to usher in a sustainable future. The Re:Style 2021 is one of them, and we hope this project serves as a focal point for young consumers worldwide to understand the impact of manufacturing leftover materials on our shared environment and how we can creatively and practically reutilize them.”

This unique collaboration between select shops will connect Paris and Seoul as well as highlight Hyundai’s ever-growing commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing.

According to Hyundai, 12 exclusive fashion pieces including track jackets, sweatshirts, zip-up hoodies, short pants, and long pants will be sold in L’Eclaireur and Boontheshop’s stores.


The said fashion products are made from various leftover materials such as airbags and seatbelts. In addition, eco-friendly materials incorporated into the Hyundai Ioniq 5, such as Bio PET and recycled fibers, were also used, enhancing wearability and demonstrating the potential for utilizing biomaterials in fashion and beyond.

“As a company in charge of fashion distribution, we have always had concerns about the impact of discarded clothing materials on our planet Earth. So, by reusing the wearable pieces from automobile manufacturing and channeling the generated profits into other projects, we hope to create a virtuous cycle of sustainability and uniquely contribute to saving our planet,” commented L’Eclaireur CEO Michael Hadida.

BoontheShop Executive Director DJ Kim also said, “it is highly meaningful to participate in this creative and value-adding collaboration with Hyundai Motor Company. We hope that Re:style 2021 will spark new interest and common understanding among today’s conscious consumers about their purchasing decisions that take into consideration the holistic nature of our shared environment.”

Proceeds from the sales of the said fashion items will go to several sustainable projects by Hyundai Motor, with L’Eclaireur and BoontheShop joining the cause on the basis of their shared commitment.

Photos from Hyundai

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