WATCH: Morgan launches Super 3


Morgan has launched its latest offering dubbed the Super 3. The English automotive brand has been making unique automobiles since the company’s founding in 1909 and looks to open a new chapter to its three-wheeled history.


  • What engine does the Morgan Super 3 have?

    The Morgan Super 3 uses a 1.4-liter engine mated to a five-speed manual transmission.
  • How much is the Morgan Super 3?

    The price of the Morgan Super 3 starts from £34,995.83.
  • “Following on from the incredible success of the outgoing Morgan 3 Wheeler has been no easy task. When we first decided to reintroduce it back in 2011, the company couldn’t have imagined just how popular and successful the V-twin model would be. The Morgan 3 Wheeler represents something different, something unique and something to be celebrated. As we launch Super 3, I am confident that our latest three-wheeled offering is as relevant as ever,” said Morgan Motor Company Chairman and CEO Steve Morris.

    You can check out the promotional trailer for Morgan Super 3 here. The video has been uploaded on Morgan’s official YouTube channel and showcases the versatility of the new three-wheeler.


    According to the Malvern Link-based brand, the Morgan Super 3 is the company’s most configurable model to date. It offers a limitless combination of modular components including cup holders, panniers, navigation systems, and full vehicle liveries.

    On that note, the Morgan Super 3 can be had in a wide variety of configurations that will suit a similarly wide variety of motoring needs. From the classy, modern gentleman to the adventurous and outdoorsy camper, this unique three-wheeler can be customized from the castings, rails, wheels, rear racks, side blades, and luggage.

    All Morgan 3s, however, will be powered by a 1.4-liter Dragon in-line 3 engine mated to a five-speed manual gearbox that makes 119 horses taking the three-wheeled vehicle from zero to 60mph (zero to 100kph) in seven seconds.

    Likewise, they will share a 20-inch wheel wrapped with specially-designed tires that Morgan developed in partnership with Avon.

    “We have developed this vehicle at a time when the industry, and the wider world, has been challenged beyond comprehension. Yet our engineering and design teams, along with our project partners, have been able to deliver a fitting new chapter to Morgan’s three-wheeled story. The all-new Morgan Super 3 introduces new levels of engineering integrity to Morgan, a new sense of adventure to the brand, and a new design language that indicates our future direction,” said Morris.


    The Morgan Super 3 is now available in the UK with prices starting from £34,995.83.

    Photos from Morgan Motor Company

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