Watch Out for a Newly-Renovated (and More Attractive) Jones Bridge in Binondo

Watch Out for a Newly-Renovated (and More Attractive) Jones Bridge in Binondo

The historic Jones Bridge in Binondo might not be something that gets talked about everyday, but there was one time it achieved a "Hollywood" star appeal when it became one of the sites filmed for The Bourne Legacy movie starring Jeremy Renner.

And now that it is undergoing a P20 million restoration program, what are some of the changes that we can expect soon?

According to Manila's Public Information Office (PIO) head Julius Leonen, the public should expect 80 new lamp posts, fresh ornamental plants and new paints and cements to be used for some parts of the bridge. This is just a partial list, however, so we really can't see what changes will occur until after the renovation is completed.

GMA News Online reported that its current launch date is still unknown. Still, this hasn't stopped the public from already taking pictures of the Jones bridge showcasing the "majestic" lamp posts of the bridge. It was even used as a location for a prenup shoot that Manila Mayor Francisco "Isko Moreno" Domagoso acknowledged in his Facebook account.

Taken from Mayor Isko Moreno's Facebook page

The Jones Bridge, which is also named the "Queen of Bridges" was originally named Puente de España or Bridge of Spain. However, it was later changed to "Jones Bridge" in honor of William Atkinson Jones, a lawmaker who authored the Philippine Autonomy Act of 1916, also called the "Jones Law."

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