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WATCH: This Will Not Let Your Parked Motorcycle Get Drenched

Are you tired of getting your parked motorcycle get drenched by sudden downpour? A water resistant cover can solve your problem but, that solution is not as cool as to what this storage can do. Meet the BikeBox 24, a motorcycle storage from Germany.

BikeBox 24 is designed to be your motorcycle’s personal garage–a parking space just for your bike. It’s like a capsule that fully enclosed and protects your bike from rain, sunlight, theft, and other factors. The said storage is weatherproof and features a security lock so that you’ll have a peace of mind that your motorcycle is safely stored while you’re inside the house.

Photo: BikeBox

Operating the BikeBox 24 is a no brainer. You just ride-in and ride-out or vice versa and engaged the lock. It is made from weatherproof plastic and features an overhead swinging tailgate with gas pressure telescopic springs.

Photo: BikeBox

The standard size of the said storage can fit all sports motorbikes, scooters, small and medium-sized tourers, as well as choppers. This can also be used as a parking storage for your regular bicycle—it can fit up to four bicycles in case you’re wondering.

Watch the video posted below to see how this motorcycle storage works.

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