Would you ride a BMW e-bike?


The BMW Group is presenting the first high-speed pedelec (or pedal electric cycle) for urbanists dubbed the BMW i Vision Amby. According to the automotive brand, the concept electric bike is a visionary two-wheeled solution for the urban mobility of tomorrow.

It will be a part of the BMW Group’s five concept vehicles to be introduced in the ongoing 2021 IAA Mobility event, of which the BMW i Vision Circular is a part of.

Amby, according to BMW, is a neologism for “adaptive mobility” and will be equipped with an electric drive system. Users of the BMW i Vision Amby high-speed pedelec will have to pedal the e-bike in order to benefit from the assistance of the electric drive system.


The electric drive system offers different modes which are stored in the app on the smartphone linked with the BMW i Vision Amby. The modes can be manually selected, says the BMW Group, as well as the automatic recognition of location and road type via geofencing technology and the associated automatic adjustment of top speed.

The BMW i Vision Amby has three speed ratings for different types of roads: up to 25kph (15.5mph) on cycle tracks, up to 45kph (28mph) on city roads, and up to 60kph (37mph) on multi-lane roads and outside urban areas.


“Everywhere you look, apparently established categories are being blown apart — and that’s a good thing. In the future, classifications such as ‘car’, ‘bicycle’, and ‘motorcycle’ should not determine the nature of the products we think up, develop and offer,” explained BMW Group Design Conception VP Werner Haumayr.

Haumayr further added, “This paradigm shift gives us the opportunity to tailor products to people’s lifestyles — as we can see with the BMW i Vision Amby high-speed pedelec. This vehicle occupies the space between a bicycle and a light motorcycle and allows our customers to decide for themselves which roads or routes they want to travel on through an urban area. They have all the flexibility possible, at the same time as turning the pedals and keeping themselves fit. The modes and clever route selection are intended to make it one of the fastest travel options through a city.”

Lightness and powerful athleticism are the key visual definitions that outline the BMW i Vision Amby’s design.

Looking more than the average e-bike, it features a slim, horizontal LED light strip that is integrated into the wide handlebars and underscores the cutting-edge, technical look of the frame section. A vertical LED rear light is integrated into the seat post.


In the center of the frame is a 2,000Wh battery with an estimated range of up to 300 km (186 miles). A sophisticated single-sided swinging arm links the rear wheel with the frame. Its 27.5-inch wheels ensure exceptional comfort and safety even at higher speeds.


Other technological functions that could be included in the BMW i Vision Amby are an ABS system optimized for bicycles, an automatic high-beam assistant and brake light assistant, and a daytime riding light — all of which could increase safety.

A tire pressure monitoring system similar to that fitted to BMW Group motorcycles is also a possibility says the BMW Group.

Photos from BMW Group

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