Yamaha develops new TY-E 2.0 electric enduro


In a recent press release, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced that it has developed a new prototype of the TY-E 2.0 electric motorcycle. According to the motorcycle maker, the electrified enduro-type motorbike will not only further the company’s carbon neutrality goals but will also provide its customers with a product that rides better than internal combustion engine-equipped motorcycles.


  • What are the updates to the new TY-E 2.0 electric motorcycle?

    The TY-E 2.0 now has a new frame, battery, and power unit.
  • What are Yamaha's plans for the TY-E 2.0?

    According to Yamaha, they will enter the TY-E 2.0 in the 2022 FIM Trial World Championship and display it in the 49th Tokyo Motorcycle Show.
  • Yamaha will bank on traits unique to electric vehicles, such as powerful low-down torque and strong acceleration, to offer its customers an electric motorcycle that will drive better than traditional ICE motorbikes.


    It will use a newly designed monocoque frame made of composite laminates to contribute to lighter weight and optimal rigidity. Yamaha said that its engineers reviewed the layout of the power unit and battery which allowed them to make several revisions for a significantly lower center of gravity compared to the previous model.

    Complementing the newly designed frame is a new high-capacity battery with a higher output density of approximately 2.5 times the capacity of the previous model.

    Yamaha also tuned the AC synchronous electric motor which now has enhanced traction thanks to the improved pairings of mechanical components such as the clutch and flywheel.

    The Iwata-based motorcycle company also said in the press release that they plan to enter the TY-E 2.0 in select rounds of the 2022 FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) Trial World Championship.

    The new TY-E 2.0 is scheduled to participate in the FIM Trial World Championship from June this year with Kenichi Kuroyama on the Yamaha Factory Racing Team, who also serves as a development rider.

    Furthermore, the TY-E 2.0 will also be exhibited at the Yamaha Motor booth at the 49th Tokyo Motorcycle Show to be held from March 25 to 27.

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