Yamaha wows at 14th Inside Racing Bike Festival with ‘ART of Kando’


After two years, the Inside Racing Bike Festival once again opened its doors to Filipino motorcycle enthusiasts. And, along with the return of the annual motorbike event was a show-stopping treat from one of the country’s best-selling motorcycle brands.


  • When did the IRBF take place?

    The IRBF happened last weekend from March 24 to 26.
  • What models did Yamaha showcase in its ART of Kando presentation?

    Yamaha showcased its local lineup of city scooters and high-performance motorcycles.
  • Yamaha Motor Philippines put on a spectacular show to wow attendees with the “ART of Kando.”


    “We’re back, we are finally back. After two years of difficult times due to the pandemic, I think we face a big challenge. But for Yamaha, our philosophy has never changed which is about how to support the lifestyle of every Filipino. Because what we provide is not just a simple tool to have people move from point A to point B. We want to add colors, we want to add excitement, we want to add this emotional value that’s associated with riding a motorcycle, and that’s what Yamaha is all about. However, due to the pandemic. It has prevented us from doing any of the events to have close contact with our customers. But finally, we start to resolve and I would like to thank Inside Racing for resuming this event. It gave us a great opportunity to get in touch with our customers again. So, welcome to Yamaha’s ‘ART of Kando.’ Please enjoy the next three days and remember, ‘only Yamaha revs your heart.’ Thank you,” said Yamaha Motor Philippines President Hiroshi Koike.

    Kando, as described by the Iwata-based motorcycle manufacturer, is a Japanese word for the simultaneous feeling of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that people experience when they encounter something of exceptional value.

    Yamaha CEO Yoshihiro Hidaka said in a press release back in 2019, that it is the company’s overarching corporate mission to be a kando-creating company. Hidaka explained that kando is originated by blending technology, engineering, and art.

    “ART,” he added, is made up of the initials of Yamaha’s three focus areas toward 2030: Advancing Robotics, Rethinking Solutions, and Transforming Mobility. Through these three fields of initiatives, the company aims to expand human possibilities and create a better society and lifestyle.

    Yamaha’s display at the recently held Inside Racing Bike Festival encapsulates the very essence of the kando philosophy. Showcased were the brand’s local lineup, from modern city scooters...


    ...to high-performance road, adventure, and track bikes.


    Here, Yamaha showed that their motorcycles offer no shortage of value and excitement, whether you use them for your daily commute or to crunch corners at the circuit.

    The highly anticipated three-day affair also marked the arrival of the R7 on Philippine soil. Similarly, the limited 60th anniversary-edition YZF-R7 also made an appearance at the 14th Inside Racing Bike Festival.


    Photos by Paulo Papa

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