Lexus chooses Yamaha Performance Damper for new NX


Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has announced through a press release that its Yamaha Performance Damper was chosen by Lexus as its vehicle chassis vibration damper for the latest generation of its NX series of crossover SUVs.


  • What NX models will have the Yamaha Performance Damper?

    Lexus will use the Yamaha Performance Damper specifically on the 450h+, 350h, and 350 F Sport models.
  • How does the Yamaha Performance Damper work?

    The Yamaha Performance Damper works by absorbing deformation forces in the chassis and dissipating them as thermal energy.
  • Is the Yamaha Performance Damper available only for automobiles?

    Yamaha also also offers variations of its Performance Damper for use on motorcycles.
  • The said performance damper from Yamaha will be used specifically on Lexus’ 450h+, 350h, and 350 F Sport NX models.

    According to Yamaha, the Yamaha Performance Damper is a chassis vibration damping device installed in the main structural areas of a vehicle. The damper has been designed to control and absorb the minute deformations and vibrations that occur when on the road, contributing to improved handling stability and onboard comfort.

    Yamaha believes that its performance damper can significantly contribute to the enhanced comfort and stability of the NX Series SUVs from Toyota’s luxury division.

    Yamaha explains that when a car is driven, its chassis is constantly subjected to minute, sub-1mm body deformations. As the chassis is an assembly of multiple springs and elastic parts and components, there is little damping force at work and these deforming forces accumulate mostly unchecked, causing a repeating cycle of deformations at its natural frequency.

    The Yamaha Performance Damper works by absorbing deformation forces and dissipating them as thermal energy.


    Yamaha adds that by introducing a damping element to the chassis, the effect of excessive deformation speeds on the vehicle body is inhibited, thereby providing both excellent driving performance and stability at everyday speeds as well as at high speeds, when chassis deformation is comparatively larger.

    The Yamaha Performance Damper was first used in a mass-production model in April 2004 and has since then been installed in various types of vehicles, reaching at least two million units in cumulative production in 2020.

    Today, the Yamaha Performance Damper is not limited to use in automobiles, the company also offers variations of the device for use on motorcycles. Going forward, Yamaha will continue striving to provide kando (a Japanese word for the simultaneous feeling of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that people experience when they encounter something of exceptional value) to as many customers as possible through this device.

    Photos from Yamaha

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