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Yamaha reveals 2020 NMax 155

Yamaha has just unveiled the latest version of their well-loved scooter NMax. While waiting for it to be announced in the Philippines, here are the specifications that was recently released in Indonesia.


The Yamaha NMax 155 is still powered by the reliable 155cc-SOHC liquid-cooled, four-stroke Blue Core single-cylinder engine. It is known for being eco-friendly and fuel efficient and the latest version now has variable valve actuation (VVA).

Yamaha Indonesia website

Despite the similar output with the previous generation, 15.1hp and 14Nm, the NMax dishes improved torque across the rev range, resulting in better throttle response versus the previous model.

The instrument panel now sports a rectangular-shaped LCD, replacing the old circular unit to accommodate more information.

From Yamaha Indonesia website

The cluster has fuel level, trip information, digital speedometer, and real-time and average fuel consumption, as well as indicator if the key is not within range and VVA is not on.

The 2020 Yamaha NMax now has smartphone connectivity via the Yamaha app. The app will notify the rider messages, engine malfunction, and upcoming periodic maintenance schedules, navigation to the nearest parking area and possible battery issues.

From Yamaha Indonesia website

For comfort and safety the 2020 NMax has dual piggyback rear shock absorbers, dual disc breaks keyless entry, ABS, and Start-Stop function when idling.

From Yamaha Indonesia website

For its body, the 2020 Yamaha NMax looks like a smaller version of the XMax with its flowing lines with a while retaining old headlamp. However the taillight has been changed with a slender layout.

From Yamaha Indonesia website


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  1. Gerry
    January 15, 2020 at 9:48 pm — Reply

    Hoping yamaha will release nmax 2020 asap

  2. Anonymous
    January 21, 2020 at 9:49 pm — Reply

    Meron na po ba 2020 N MAX dto sa pilipinas?mag kano po ang presyo?

  3. Norman
    January 21, 2020 at 9:50 pm — Reply

    Meron na po ba 2020 N MAX dto sa pilipinas?mag kano po ang presyo?

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