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Mitsubishi Mirage G4 (2019-2020)

What thrilled me at the onset was its ten years warranty period. I was quite overwhelmed at this sort of proposal from the brand. Moreover if a car is belonging to such a reliable brand like Mitsubishi automatically half of your suspicion disappears. But after several months of purchasing Mitsubishi mirage-g4 I could sense that I made a big blunder as I bought the car without doing proper research. This mini car is totally unrefined quality wise. The interior part is so unimpressive. The three cylinder engine fails to offer sufficient power. Though the car has a number of features to its credit. Some notable ones are automated emergency braking, automatic climate control, Android Auto and so on.


Michael Friday Jun 4, 2021 02:43:00

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3.9 /5
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Based on 10 Customer Reviews
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