My Driving experience with my Montero Sport 2011 AT

Mitsubishi Montero Sport (2005-2015)

My Montero sports 2011 gen.2 Automatic Transmission excellent driving experience and some kind of old school like handbrake or E-brake is excellent to me not to much sensors only back sensor when I'm going to reverse my Montero sport. Performance engine, power, torque, suspension, and comfortability is excellent for me. Even if there's a new Montero sport gen. 3 or 4. Even there's a issue of SUA. My Montero sport never been SUA because I always maintained my engine, suspension, and Transmission. The Transmission fluid you need to change every 40,000.00 kilometers it helps to your engine performance and power.


Rafael Chico Monday Sep 27, 2021 00:29:46

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