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Mitsubishi Xpander Cross (2020-2022)

From the successor of Mitsubishi Adventure comes Xpander GLS/ Xpander Cross. Upon using the Xpander cross 2021 model, actually really great specially when it comes to city driving, able to get 12.6km/L but didn't yet try for long driving. The looks and the interior is really great especially the leather seats and the steering wheel totally cool. The only thing is the AC that they might make it as climate control since it is the Top of the Line for Xpander and might do add sensor since they already have a camera at the back might add that for extra. Also, its torque does not seem to be so powerful when it comes to rugged driving, hoping Mitsubishi will also take a look at it. For me, the total experience is great and outstanding when it comes to the design for Mitsubishi.


Ryan Dimaranan Wednesday Oct 20, 2021 17:14:32

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Based on 17 Customer Reviews
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