A sizeable and trustable bus

Isuzu NLR77 Almazora

This vehicle has a lot of good features, and you would not regret buying it certainly. The bus has good legroom for all your passengers, and the interiors are comfortable for all. In terms of road performance, the compact design is certainly a good thing with all the modern features you would want. And the cherry on top is the trustable Isuzu build quality. I have used their vehicles before, and I know they are well-built and have trustworthy performance on road. I have used this vehicle for some time now, and I am very pleased with my purchase. I only wish this model could get a bit more fuel efficiency.


husaini Monday Feb 27, 2023 16:18:43

Rating of Isuzu NLR77 Almazora

4.5 /5
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Based on 2 Customer Reviews
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