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New and Used Hino Profia for Sale Philippines

Hino Profia for sale Philippines | Hino Profia price Philippines | Blue Hino Profia


Looking for a tough truck with a lot of heart? Then we highly recommend you check out the Hino Profia.  Under this truck’s intimidating presence lies a heavy-duty engine that not only performs effectively, but also cares for the environment as well. Unlike other manufacturers that create genetic trucks that serve their purpose to a satisfying degree, the Hino Profia has been doing that while creating low-emission range trucks ever since it was launched early in 2000. Hino does it by creating a diesel electric Hybrid system that uses an emission-free, auxiliary electric motor to significantly help in lessening the exhaust tailpipe emissions compared to other conventional diesel trucks in the market today.  

Moreover, Hino uses Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), an exhaust that has been treated to reduce -- or even eradicate harmful Nitrogen Oxides from exhaust gases. Its Diesel Particulate Active Reduction System (DPR), is an exhaust filtration system that uses as ceramic filter to automatically self-clean and trap around 95% of the exhaust's carbon soot. The ceramic filter also helps reduce the need to manually regenerate the filtration system. Truly, Hino’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility makes it quite impressive, to say the least.

This Japanese manufacturer of diesel engines (such as buses, trucks, and other vehicles) and commercial vehicles, is one of the 16 major companies of the Toyota Group. It is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, and the 2 and 4 ton engines for Toyota Dyna and Toyota Ace are manufactured by Hino as well.  This company has been manufacturing diesel trucks, buses and other vehicles since 1973, and was the first one to bring out emission-free trucks and other cutting-edge, environmentally-correct engines for trucks and buses.  

Located in Hino-shi, Tokyo, the Hino Profia was first marketed as Super Dolphin from 1981 to 1992, renamed to Super Dolphin Profia from 1992 to 2003, and was then renamed to Profia in 2003. It is the leading medium and heavy-duty diesel trucks producer in Asia, and was introduced in the Philippines in 2007. It offers the standard cab worldwide, while the crew cab is available in Australia only.



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Hino Profia Review in the Philippines

Hino Profia Specs and Performance

The Profia continuously strives to create cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly engines for buses and trucks without sacrificing its performance. The Hino Profia offers two engine choices: 10,520 cc P11C, and 12,913 cc E13C. You can also choose between a 7, 12, or 16 speed manual transmission. However, the Shift 12 automatic transmission is only available in Japan, and most of the variants of Hino 700 trucks are sold in New Zealand and Australia. Currently, the Eaton Fuller Road Ranger Super 18 transmission is the most commonly-used heavy-duty transmission in Australia. The 700 model is also sold in the Philippines although with limited variants. The available ones that you can buy at any Hino Motors dealer include:  SH1EEVA-JSW, SS1EKVA-PSW, and FS1EVSA-MAP models.

Hino Profia Fuel Consumption

The Hino Profia offers powerful, impressive engines that offer maximized fuel savings as well. The My Drive Master warns for “excessive accelerator opening (excessive pushing on the accelerator)” and “more than necessary engine revving up”. The Hino Eco-Run controls unneeded fuel consumption through computer-controlled accelerator opening. Here is a list of its fuel consumption rates:

Second hand Hino Profia fuel consumption:

  • Hino Profia 2001: 26 l/100km
  • Hino Profia 1999: 42 l/100km


Hino Profia Features

Hino Profia Convenience and Entertainment Features

The Hino Profia offers light-weight, fuel-efficient engine, with more advanced engine model. The new engine's mileage performance has high torque, maximized by the efficient fuel saving drive system. Aside from its effective environmental and fuel performance, the new engine improves the mounting convenience through its compact and light engine. The Profia offers the best combination of Japanese engineering, safety, and advance technology that makes it one of the most durable heavy trucks in the market today.

  • Reverse Camera (waterproof)
  • My Drive Master
  • Hino Eco-Run
  • Hands-free connectivity
  • AM/FM digital radio


Hino Profia Safety Features

Can a powerful truck be safe? The Hino Profia sure can. It offers these impressive safety features that you’ll surely enjoy:

  • Tractor Option Setting
  • Vehicle Stability Control
  • Barrel-Roll Phenomenon
  • Jack-Knife Phenomenon
  • Warning Light
  • Buzzer 


Hino Profia Design

Hino Profia Interior

This heavy-weight contender not only boasts of a powerful engine but also comfortable, smart-looking interiors that make for a comfortable ride. The Profia's industry leading ISRI 6860/870 offers high-back and multi-adjustable seats makes it comfortable for drivers to maneuver, even for those long, tedious rides on the road. Its high-back, reclined seats at the back give utmost comfort for passengers as well.

  • Adjustable air suspension seat
  • High-back, reclined seat
  • Integrated ELR seat belt
  • Pretensioners
  • Tilt / Telescopic steering
  • Overhead Console


Hino Profia Exterior

There are no challenges that the Hino Profia can’t meet head-on, and you it really shows just by looking at its tough exterior. This heavy-duty truck combines extreme strength together with leading-edge, innovative technology for maximum efficiency and production. Its tough structure is created for heavy loads, and the heavier it is, the better it performs.

  • High-Intensity headlamps
  • Heated convex spotter mirror
  • Observation mirror
  • Illuminated top steps
  • Multiple grab handles
  • Electro/Hydraulic forward tilting


Hino Profia Color Options

The Hino Profia offers these basic colors to choose from:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Black


Hino Profia Price List in the Philippines

Hino Motors’ most current offering is the 2015 model, and you can pick from among three variants: the SH1EEVA-JSW, SS1EKVA-PSW, and FS1EVSA-MAP. They all have reasonable prices, so you don’t have to break all your savings just to buy one. However, if you’re really on a tight budget, why not opt for a 2nd hand Hino Profia for sale, available on our Carmudi site? Some brand new Hino Profia and some 2nd hand Hino Profia prices are listed below:

New Hino Profia Price in the Philippines

  • Hino Profia 2015 price in the Philippines: 1,780,000
  • Hino Profia 2013 price in the Philippines: 1,450,000


Second hand Hino Profia Price in the Philippines

  • Hino Profia 2005 price in the Philippines: P1,800,000
  • Hino Profia 2004 price in the Philippines: P1,500,000


Hino Profia latest offers in the Philippines


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